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Peruvian Society of Neuroscience
Improve society through advances in the field of neuroscience.ence
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We invite you to be part of our scientific community! Become a member today and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the exciting world of science.
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Transforming the Neuroscientific Society
Moving Together towards an Inspiring Neuroscientific Future.
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Welcome to SONEP

Society for Neuroscience of Peru

SONEP is a non-profit society founded in 2003 as a need of Peruvian scientists for transparency and interdisciplinary support in the beginning, development and advancement of the sciences that study the nervous system and its manifestation towards the external environment, behavior.

This society is made up of professionals from various disciplines who study the nervous system and behavior from molecular to behavioral terms. It includes basic and clinical researchers from various research and teaching centers in Peru.

Advancing scientific exchange

Advance scientific exchange with our community, where collaboration and discovery are the norm. Participate in events, conferences and innovative projects that drive progress in neuroscience. Connect with experts, share ideas and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in a community passionate about science. Join us and be part of this exciting scientific journey!

Join the Vanguard of Neuroscience in Peru

Explore the exciting world of neuroscience and discover why being a member of our society of neuroscientists in Peru is a unique opportunity. Gain exclusive access to cutting-edge research, collaborate with brilliant minds, and directly contribute to the advancement of mind and brain science in our country. Join us and be part of the future of neuroscience in Peru and beyond.

Community and Activities

Upcoming events

Explore our events calendar and find unique opportunities to learn, connect and collaborate with others passionate about neuroscience. From keynote lectures with leading experts to interactive workshops and symposiums, our events offer a privileged view of the current panorama of neuroscience in Peru and the world.

Expand your network of professional contacts, share your research and discoveries, and contribute to the growth and development of neuroscience in our community.

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